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i am an r.n.i see many schools advertising on television about the great life cna's will have helping doctors and nurses.

the problem is, they advertise cna's doing things that they will never do. the only thing a cna will ever do with a stethescope is take a manual blood pressure. they will never listen to heart, lung of abdominal sounds. don't let them fool you.

the cna position is very important to the rn and the lpn. however, it is not one where you will be assessing patients. it will be one where you will care for the patient's needs, turning them, bathing them, providing for them, taking blood pressures and blood sugars, and that is certainly very important to the rn or the lpn. you can learn a lot about patient care, diseases and assessments, and you can go on to become an lpn or an rn, however, do not let these ads fool you.

these programs will only place you into positions where you can do what i have described above.

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